5 Reasons Why Hair Transplants Fail - What Is The Success Rate? (2023)

There is a possibility that you will not be completely satisfied with the results in all cosmetic surgeries and hair transplantation is no exception. The best wayavoidThese unpleasant consequences are understandable.that can lead to failure.

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An example of incorrect planning/unrealistic expectations |Those:darlingbuds.com

Hair transplantation is a great aesthetic solution for severe hair thinning or baldness. Since our hair has a huge impact on our overall appearance, thinning hair or bald spots bother many people. A hair transplant can offer a permanent, natural-looking solution to these problems. However, as with any other cosmetic surgery, aHair transplantation also carries a certain risk of failure.

If you've thought about a hair transplant but are concerned about potential unwanted results, keep reading.Find out what are the possible reasons for failure and how to prevent a failed hair transplant.

Top 5 Reasons for Failed Hair Transplants

Although theThe success rate of hair transplants is relatively high., there is still a significant probability of failure. Knowing the possible reasons behind a failed hair transplant can help you make a better decision throughout your hair transplant process. A variety of factors can cause hair transplants to fail, includingtransplant rejection,Eligibility for a hair transplant,unrealistic expectations,poor care after hair transplant, yclinic without experience.

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1 - Rejection of the hair transplant graft

Some patients may experienceRejection of hair transplant grafts. Rejected hair implants lead to failed hair transplantation and unsatisfactory results. This condition may be associated with something called a disease.Lichen plano pilar (LLP)this can lead to rejection of the transplant. LLP is known as a type of primary scarring alopecia. This disease causes inflammation in the upper parts of the hair follicle, causing the hair follicles to be replaced with scar tissue. Although not yet proven, some links have been established between the hair transplant procedure and the development of lichen planopilaris.

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Lichen Planopilaris (LLP) Disease of the Scalp |Those:University of Connecticut

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2 - Not eligible for a hair transplant

Your general health and the specific condition of your hair will have a great impact on the outcome of your surgery. The main requirements for a hair transplant are ahealthy and adequate donor area, under 65 years of age (may vary) andnot have blood-borne diseases or hemophilia.

Sometimes the health of the grafts in the selected donor area and the age factor can be overlooked. Although these factors may seem to be overlooked, they have a direct impact on the success of your hair transplant. Grafts from unqualified donors or hair grafts taken from different areas of the body may not work as well as expected. This can causedecreased hair viability and hair loss after hair transplantation.

Choosing the wrong age for a hair transplant can also backfire. If you suffer from male or female pattern baldness, a hair transplant in the early stages may mean that you canget some bald spotsdown the line. Also, keep in mind that your hair needs to go through its maturation phase, as it may start to show a different pattern after a certain age.This age limit is usually given as 22 years.. Therefore, it would be wise to wait until you can see how your hair loss progresses after that age.

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Low Density Hair Transplantation/Hair Loss After Surgery |Those:domain mate

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3 - Unrealistic expectations

The outcome of your surgery largely depends on the specific condition of your hair. Understand the limitations of your condition andAvoid unrealistic expectationseliminates the possibility of unsatisfactory results. To avoid a hair transplant outcome that may seem "failed" to you, be sure to openly communicate your goals and expectations to your surgeon. Your surgeon can advise you on what you can really get from your hair transplant surgery and warn you about unrealistic goals. For example, if you don't have enough donor grafts, expecting high hair density can be misleading.

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Unrealistic Expectation/Incorrect Hairline Planning |Those:dear buds

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4 - Poor care after hair transplantation

Following your surgeon's instructions after your hair transplant operation is an essential part of a successful hair transplant operation. Proper post hair transplant care should support the newly transplanted hair follicles, aid in the healing process of the donor and destination areas, and ensure that there is minimal damage to the hair follicles. To make sure you give your newly transplanted hair the care it needs, you can read our article onWhat to do and what not to do after a hair transplant.

After surgery, adjusting your sleeping position to avoid rubbing on the graft areas may reduce the chance of a fall. In this way you can protect the hair follicles and reduce swelling after the operation. It is also important not to apply pressure or traction for the first few weeks after surgery to protect the hair follicles.

You can avoid strenuous activities, alcohol, extremely hot or cold showers, and sun exposure to ensure good aftercare that leads to better hair transplant results.

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Overharvest/Inexperienced Clinic |Those:dear buds

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5 - Clinic without experience

A failed hair transplant can also be the result of choosing the wrong clinic. Since hair transplantation is such a popular operation, many clinics and surgeons have started offering hair transplantation. Nevertheless,not all these clinics have the experience and are professional enoughto offer you a great hair transplant result.

An inexperienced clinic mayTaking grafts from wrong donorsthat would not or could not work well after the transplant processOverharvest the donor area.This can lead to higher failure rates and unsatisfactory results. In addition to selecting the correct donor grafts, they must also be handled correctly and stored in a suitable environment during surgery. If the harvested hair grafts are not protected, the effects of shock trauma will be amplified, leading to postoperative hair loss.

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Non-Natural Hair Transplant/Low Density Transplanted Hair |Those:domain mate

Question: What percentage of hair transplants fail?

Thanks to the sophisticated methods that have recently been developed and the surgeons who have more and more experience in this field, the percentage of hair transplant failures has decreased.it is only 5-10%.

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aHeva-Klinik, our team of medical specialists and surgeonsminimizeall negative factors and honestly inform our patients in light of science.

Solution: What happens if a hair transplant fails?

If you still have enough hair grafts in your donor area after a failed hair transplant operation, you can2. Hair transplantto fix the problem at least 1 year after your first surgery. You and your therapist must be careful during the planning phase because the second hair transplant could be your last chance.

Our medical team recommends itPRP hair treatmentoften andfinasteride mythafter consulting with your doctor. In the worst case, if you don't have healthy grafts, you can consider getting itscalp micropigmentation.

At Clínica Heva, in the event of a negative consequence, our team offers a 100% free review.


How to choose a clinic to prevent hair transplant failure

Hair transplant failure is a terrifying possibility. Many people fear hair transplantation, thinking that failure would be worse than their current appearance. The best way to avoid hair transplant failure is to choose a good clinic. If you are wondering how to choose a clinic, here are some tips.

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Have a video consultation with the medical team

In addition to sending your photos from specific angles, scheduling a video consultation session can help you get to know your hair transplant team and get an idea of ​​the condition of your hair. You can understand what kind of treatment you need without going to the clinic.

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Make sure the staff is experienced with your hair type.

Not all hair transplants are the same. The procedure should be tailored to your hair type and the progression of your hair loss. If you are curly, thin orafro type hair, not all clinics may be familiar with your hair type. Make sure the clinic you choose has a lot of hair transplant experience similar to yours.

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Find similar before and after photos and ask for details

you can ask for itphotos before and afterto use as a reference and get an idea of ​​the result you would get. Feel free to ask questions if you have any questions.

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Talk to a past patient about their overall experience

You can even talk to a previous patient to see if they are happy with the process and the results. What better reference than a former client?


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