Flower Essences and Zodiac Signs Guide for 2023 (2023)

Flower Essences and Zodiac Signs Guide for 2023 (1)

What do the stars have in store for you this year?

Luckily, the time has come for my blog on flower essences and zodiac signs to let you know...

2023 is now the sixth year that I have worked with renowned astrologers,Jenny Blume,to give you the astrological forecast for the year and which flower essences will best support your emotional health in 2023.

You are not only an astrologer,Jenny is a practitioner of Feng Shui and Clearingand if you've heard her name before, she's also the astrologer for Woman's Day and New Idea magazines.

I love working with Jenny to explore what energetic support each zodiac sign might need for the coming year, and with everything that can happen to us and our children in a year, it can be very helpful to have some energetic support to have a hand in managing our emotions don't you think?

The guide to the zodiac signs and flower essences for 2023!

Please note that other flower essence blends may work better for you than the ones I have included for your zodiac sign. So just use what you think is convenient.

These below, which I've cross-checked with your forecast for 2023, should help you with what the year has in store for you, both energetically and emotionally. You can click on the name of the mix to learn more about what it can do for you, and if you get three or more mixes, you will also benefit from my bundle discount. 😊

Flower Essences and Zodiac Signs Guide for 2023 (2)

CapricornDecember 23 – January 20

That's good news! The cosmos stimulates your joyful side and brings more fun and laughter into your life. If your social sector fires up, singles could find themselves sucked into a maelstrom of activity, while on the home front, a lucky break could lighten their load.

New dreams are taking shape and with Jupiter igniting your inner drive and determination, your efforts could exceed expectations. It's never too late to discover your full potential, or your passions, so don't hold back. In spring you will fly high and you will love it.


Do you feel a fresh spring in your steps? If not, you will soon! As his spirit soars, that adventurous streak will be hard to tame. Creative pursuits can bring great joy along with hobbies (or people!) that go back to childhood.


As your energy levels increase, new health goals will take shape. Setting up a home gym (or pool or trampoline!) might make sense, while for singles, group exercise might be more fun than expected.

star point

Remember, laughter is the best medicine.

Flower Essence Blends for Capricorn

happinessbecause your focus on joy is very important this year
Let it gobecause new dreams are taking shape and it's time to let go of the old ones
Wipebecause new health goals and feeling lighter will help you focus on your joy

Flower Essences and Zodiac Signs Guide for 2023 (3)

AquariumJanuary 21 – February 19

Open the champagne, Saturn move on! If you're feeling tight, 2023 should lighten your load. Easter should be the start-up on your social phone, with local clubs and events paving the way for fun, while the proud stars of the winter house could bring an explosion of decorations and a welcome spot of romance.

like plutoenter your sign (March 23), a desire to change your lifecould grab. Meanwhile, a growing interest in sustainable living could spark that inventive streak and save you a small fortune. It's about reassessing priorities and going back to basics.For spring, an unexpected payment or offer could be the perfect time.


If your love life needs a boost, hit the gym or join a local group. The cocoon boost could start as early as May, but sorry, that doesn't equate to rest. When Venus spices things up, your entertaining (and decorating!) skills will be exercised.


Don't do it alone: ​​get fit with friends or join a sports group. A series of getaways should help you wind down through the fall, and better yet, diet or therapy could solve a chronic problem. And polishing up that bike or digging out that home gym equipment - it's time to work out.

star point

A new optimism is brewing!

Aquarium Flower Essence Blends

(Video) Numerological Predictions and Guidance for Everyone for 2023/Based on Date of Birth

Energybecause for your health and your love life you need much more movement!
Let it gobecause it's time to let go of a chronic problem...
Intuitionbecause you will reevaluate your priorities

Flower Essences and Zodiac Signs Guide for 2023 (4)

pezFebruary 20 – March 20

Let the learning begin! You soak up new ideas like a sponge, so dive in if your skills need a brush up. Saturn could increase your responsibilities starting in March, but on the other hand, local organizations will draw inspiring people into your orbit.

Neptune allows you to imagine all kinds of possibilities. For some, dreams of studying or traveling for a long time come true, for others, an idea to earn money could explode. With two solar eclipses to boost your finances, 2023 could be a record year.


As your community grows, local events could showcase your special talents, and a singles spin-off will expand your dating pool. These stars also mean good news for couples, in fact, winter's proactive patterns could propel them into a whole new era.


Balance is key, so plan for a lot of R&R. Hypnosis can hit its sweet spot, along with earthly pursuits like pottery, cooking, and gardening. Do you need a recharge? Try camping or canoeing!

star point

Balancing work and downtime is important

Flower Essence Blends for Fish

Focusbecause this year is all about learning, new ideas and brushing up on old skills
Slowerbecause a balance between work and downtime is essential
groundingbecause all your new ideas require balance

Flower Essences and Zodiac Signs Guide for 2023 (5)

AriesMarch 21 - April 20

Smile, this really is the year of the new me. The changes you've made over the summer should make you feel happier and healthier, while your proactive approach to work should pay off. And when the weather turns cold, your creative endeavors will wow everyone.

As Jupiter expands your vision and Mars increases your natural enthusiasm, things can happen quickly, not just professionally but romantically as well.


Let love in! Winter's romantic stars could cast a spell on singles, while October could mark a major turning point for couples. If your love life needs a boost, hit the dance floor or join a local sports club. Mixed doubles, anyone?


Looking good makes you feel good, so don't feel guilty: just do it. Update your wardrobe and refresh your look for summer, then get back to a hobby you used to love. It's all about finding more joy!

star point

Out with the old and in with the new!

Flower Essence Blends for Aries

self-loveBecause love attracts love!
happinessBecause you're cashing in on your joy this year, baby!
Mojobecause it looks like you need it!

Flower Essences and Zodiac Signs Guide for 2023 (6)

RoadsApril 21 - May 21

It's all about living your best life! For some bulls, a long-awaited move or business venture could become a reality in 2023. Wondering where the journey is going? Don't think, just follow your heart.

Take some risks, change some patterns, and achieve those dreams. As Jupiter boosts your self-confidence from mid-May, there's no stopping it.


Your inner glow acts like a beacon. The social stars of autumn are full of celebrations, while the romantic winds of spring can make you lose your mind when it comes to singles. The eclipses could signal a change in strategy, but for couples, the new goals should strengthen the bonds.

(Video) 2023 Year Of The Rabbit - Energy Guide for 12 Zodiac Signs


Relax while you can because the rush will increase from May. Winter can be a whirlwind of people, places, and events, so try to plan for plenty of exercise and pre-cook plenty of healthy meals.

star point

Life is too short, so just do it.

Taurus Flower Essence Blends

Slowerbecause this year is not the year to think too much!
Mut'Cause it's time for some risks
Friedenbecause you need to work on your heart chakra energy as your heart will lead the way this year

Flower Essences and Zodiac Signs Guide for 2023 (7)

TwinsMay 22 – June 22

Combine work and fun? This is easy for you! Saturn can ramp up responsibilities starting in March, but with the support of friends, you'll handle it gently. The team's efforts must pay off, not only financially but also socially. As they say, what you sow you reap.

You're the queen of multitasking, Gemini, but don't overdo it. As work or family commitments increase, make "quality over quantity" your mantra for 2023.


What a popular person you are! As your circle of friends grows, your most difficult task may be saying "no." The secret is to pursue your interests, especially if you are looking for love. The restless stars of winter could literally send you on a sentimental journey.


As the pace picks up, you may find yourself drawn to social activities like tennis, hiking, and dancing, but winter will see you ready to explore more thoughtful spiritual paths. You could even learn Tarot or Reiki!

star point

Focus on quality, not quantity

Flower Essence Blends for Twins

EnergyBecause you'll need it to keep up!
groundingbecause you may need to counter feelings of restlessness
Like a bossymaybe you need help juggling

Flower Essences and Zodiac Signs Guide for 2023 (8)

KrebsJune 22 - July 23

You may love your comfort, but the cosmos takes you everywhere. If Saturn arouses your curiosity, the urge to travel or learn about the world could take hold. And luckily, it's not just your knowledge that grows, but your bank account as well.

If you're looking for more freedom and flexibility, a home-based business might appear on your radar, or new research might catch your eye. But not everything is serious. You could transform the cheerful autumn stars into a sociable butterfly.After a stressful few years, 2023 should feel like a walk in the park.


Deep thinkers could be appealing this year, while for couples a winter vacation could be a taste of things to come. The social sky of August could bring a whirlwind of events and happenings; If Mars is cheering you on, you might even join an action group or sports team.


Swim a couple of laps or walk at sunset in the summer, when Jupiter changesin your social spaceopt for group exercises starting in late fall. Think team sports, local gyms, or dance classes.

star point

Opportunities and profits are on the way!

Flower Essence Blends for Cancer

Manifestbecause you are attracting many good things to you right now
Energybecause they expel you more and more
Developbecause a lot is going to change

Flower Essences and Zodiac Signs Guide for 2023 (9)

LeónJuly 24 – August 23


With lucky Jupiter high in your horoscope, pay attention to the world! An exciting 11-year cycle is ahead for many; Some Lions might even start a business. Loans or long-term strategies might become a hot topic over the winter, but it's all about future-proofing.

As Jupiter reaches its peak in your horoscope, a goal could be within your grasp. You might even break a glass ceiling or win a prestigious award. Balancing work and free time will sometimes not be easy, but with Venus boosting your happiness and charisma, you will try hard.


Couples, if you made it to 2022, congratulations! After two years of testing, exciting new plans are hatched. Winter looks wonderfully sociable, if a bit forgiving! - Make it a matchmaker's paradise for singles; Prepare to be entertained, entertained... and wooed.


Satisfy your itchy feet with an adventurous getaway, then prepare for transformation. With serious Saturn driving your resolve, health and fitness checkups could exceed expectations.

star point

Make hay while the sun shines!

Mixtures of flower essences for the lion.

Like a bossbecause you need support to balance work and play!
IntuitionBecause it seems like you have so many options this year!
Developbecause a new cycle begins to unfold

Flower Essences and Zodiac Signs Guide for 2023 (10)

VirgoAugust 24th – September 23rd

Go ahead! It's not just about his finances, it's also about his health and happiness. Saturn may have forced some lifestyle changes, but when good old spring returns, you'll be ready to go. In winter you will dream of faraway places, so start saving now! Your fortune increases.

Autumn eclipses could bring a new set of strategies along with a new position or partnership. If investment or renovation has caught your eye, it's time to get serious and brush up on your knowledge. Sometimes it's not who you know, it's what!


Stagnant? All relationships need to adjust, so don't ignore the signs; It's all about shaking things up and rediscovering that old sense of fun. For singles, a budding romance could develop quickly...and whoops, a winter break could send you at light speed.


You can breathe easy! As Saturn says goodbye to your health sector, things can feel strangely calm. Just keep an eye on these workaholic tendencies and plan plenty of hikes and weekends.

star point

dreams can come true

Flower Essence Blends for Virgo

Mojobecause you may need to get out of this rut!
Focusbecause you will refresh new knowledge
Slower'Cause it might help those workaholic tendencies

Flower Essences and Zodiac Signs Guide for 2023 (11)

ScaleSeptember 24th – October 23rd

Look to you! When you embrace life with renewed vigor, offers will appear out of nowhere, not only in work, but also in society and romance. Group projects and shared physical activities should fly this year, and for couples, it might be just the thing to rekindle that old sense of teamwork.

You are in demand, Libra. Flattering, yes, but don't let it dry you out. It's all about moving and balancing responsibility with a lot of play. Your finances could be in overdrive this winter, but first reassess your long-term goals and commit to a plan.

You deserve a little luck, and this year you are likely to get it. As your energy levels rise and Jupiter boosts your finances (starting in May), magic could really happen. Caring people open doors, so keep going.


As your brightness increases, your closest relationships should thrive. For couples, a shared vision or interest could reignite that excitement. And if you're looking for love, you don't have to go far; Workplaces or gyms could set the stage for romance.


Life can feel hectic, but don't skimp on R&R. Escapism movies and books are designed to help you relax, as are vacations with a clear head. Does it feel stiff or creaky? Try some yoga or pilates classes.

star point

(Video) 2023 NUMEROLOGY PREDICTIONS AND SOLUTIONS. #numerology #numbers #2023 #newyear #newyear2023 #vastu

Magic could really happen

Libra Flower Essence Blends

ProtectBecause you need to save your energy for YOU!
Manifestbecause you must channel all the happiness that comes your way
happinessbecause you need to balance your responsibilities with play and joy

Flower Essences and Zodiac Signs Guide for 2023 (12)

ScorpionOctober 24 – November 22

As the song says, "Be who you want to be." Instead of following the crowd, follow your feelings and do your own thing. Whether it's passion projects, off-the-beaten-path trips, or wacky business ideas, your actions will inspire others; You could even take on a leadership role.

Your creative approach is impressive this year, so put it to good use. As Jupiter enhances his natural networking abilities, a side hustle could prove lucrative, while for the artist types, a benefactor could extend a helping hand. Your good karma pays off!


Bring on the fun! As your confidence grows, you feel ready for new people and new places. Even your partner could join until March. Jupiter could bring a flood of invitations as the weather cools, along with some unexpected opportunities for romance.


Ready to mix fitness and pleasure? With two eclipses in your health sector, fall seems contagiously active (wait for friends or co-workers to join in). Occupied? Think of meals at home! If you feel restless, kBanish boredom by reinventing yourself!

star point

I know who you want to be

Flower Essence Blends for Scorpio

Developbecause you could reinvent yourself and your career this year
TRUEbecause you must continue to speak your truth to stay in your own individual lane
self-loveBecause even if your confidence blossoms, a little extra support will come in handy.

Flower Essences and Zodiac Signs Guide for 2023 (13)

ProtectNovember 23 – December 22

Say hello to the new improved you. For many Saggies, cheerful Jupiter has caused a stir, but your priorities change and evolve. Revamping your schedule might help, along with walks, hobbies, and stress-relieving weekend getaways. A winter vacation can do wonders.

Are you looking for inner peace? The interest in yoga or alternative medicine could be strengthened this year, as well as the passion for design, gardening or recycling. And when Saturn settles in your home sector, the search for a house or a renovation could prove irresistible.


your recipe for happiness? Love, laughter and adventure in equal parts. For couples, it's all about finding common ground and balancing work and play. If you're looking for love, the fall eclipses could give you a supercharged boost, so stay tuned and enjoy the ride!


The combination of physical activity, fun, and travel can make you feel happier, healthier, and more relaxed. When those sweet tooth have grown, May's proactive patterns should move him into a more positive phase.

star point

Love is in the air, so embrace it whether you're single or online.

Flower Essence Blends for Sagittarius

control of cravingsbecause you might need some help with those sweet tooth!
Developbecause your priorities change and evolve
Geistbecause whenin search of inner peace, this supports taking advantage of what helps you

Again, thanks to Jenny Blume for giving us insight into our zodiac signs for this year which helped me choose the flower essence blends that will best support you in 2023. If you'd like to learn more about Jenny and her work, stop by.jennyblume.com

Do you want any of the flower essence blends I mentioned? If you order three or more mixes, you'll automatically receive a discount! See discount details and find all descriptions of flower essence blends.here.

I hope everyone has an amazing year filled with health, fun, love, and (simple) lessons.

alisa x


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