What are the pros and cons of applying Vaseline® to eyelashes? (2023)


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The benefits of Vaseline®, a brand ofVaseline, on lashes are somewhat controversial, but in most cases the pros involve beauty benefits while the cons involve cloggingcouplesand allergic reactions. Many people believe that petroleum jelly can condition eyelashes and help them grow longer, thicker, and stronger; It is also claimed that the moisturizing properties of the gel can helpsensitive skinaround the lid are soft and supple. However, the product is a bit oily and thick enough to block airflow to the skin's pores. This can lead to oiliness and blemishes and make makeup difficult to apply evenly. in some cases it can also lead to thisAcneand skin reactions.

hydration and conditioning

Vaseline® is difficult to remove from eyelashes.

Vaseline® contains various emollients and moisturizing humectants, which can moisturize the skin and nourish human hair follicles. For this reason, jelly is a popular lip balm, and many believe it can also help individual lashes grow stronger and healthier by locking in moisture and improving the strength of the cell bonds that make up each strand. It should be noted that none of the listed gel ingredients have ever been proven to make hair grow longer, faster or thicker, but softening and conditioning the lashes can prevent breakage. This allows the eyelashes to grow longer than normal. For people with dry, brittle lashes, extra care can make a noticeable difference.

cosmetic appeal


Some people dab Vaseline® lightly on their lashes insteadmaskfor a less dramatic "day look". Jelly can help lashes look longer and thicker, which can make eyes appear wider, but without using real makeup. Others apply a very thin layer to the lashes and eyelid, creating a sticky base for eye makeup. Mixing some eyeshadow or blush with the jelly can create a sort of "eye shimmer" that can help makeup adhere better to your lashes and lids. The goal is to make makeup last longer, but some women who have tried it complain that it causes makeup to smudge. Applying mascara to Vaseline® is often particularly problematic.

Vaseline gives the lashes a thicker and more appealing effect.

Vaseline® is sometimes used as an inexpensive make-upremoverbecause the make-up adheres well to it. stubborn mascaraEyelinerit's often relatively easy to remove by applying a little jelly to the problem areas and finishing with a mild soap and warm water.

Oiliness and pore problems

Oiliness is one of the biggest disadvantages of using Vaseline® on eyelashes. The substance is thick and sticky, which can sometimes cause lashes to clump together. This can make it difficult to see clearly, and it can also prevent your eyes from blinking regularly if used too hard.

Vaseline on eyelashes can clog the tear ducts and potentially lead to styes.

Jelly can also clog the eyelid pores. Pores naturally open and close in response to moisture and environmental aggressions, and when they are unable to do so due to clogging, the oils that skin naturally secretes can become trapped beneath the surface, causing acne or an itchy rash. In addition, it's possible for Vaseline® to clog the tear ducts and other glands, causing eye irritation, a stye, or a host of other problems.

side effects

Applying mascara over petroleum jelly is often particularly tedious.

Allergic reactions to Vaseline® are rare but possible. People with very sensitive skin tend to be at greater risk, and in these cases it's usually a good idea to apply some of the gel to the back of your hand or other area of ​​skin away from the eye to test for reactions. As with any foreign substance, there is always a risk of eye irritation. Before applying any new substance around your eyes, it is always a good idea to check the ingredients list for anything you may be allergic to.

Tips and Tricks

The best way to apply Vaseline® to your lashes, typically using a cotton swab, eyelash brush, or a clean mascara stick. Using fingertips can work, but usually only if hands have been recently cleaned; Transferring oils from hands to eyes can cause problems with Vaseline® because the jelly can seal these oils in the skin, making irritation and reactions more likely.

People also often find it best to apply the jelly at night and allow the hydration and conditioning to take place during sleep when eyes are still. Even if the jelly leaves the eye area greasy and shiny, that's not a problem. Some people also claim that running overnight helps them wake up more refreshed and rested.

Does applying petroleum jelly to eyelashes work?

Petroleum jelly is a household ingredient that many people have, and it can also help with many beauty issues. One of the best things about petroleum jelly is that it's cheap, so you can always have some on hand.

Vaseline is an occlusive product, meaning it retains moisture. There are many uses for petroleum jelly in the beauty industry such as: B. Lip balms and moisturizers for the skin. If you have cracked skin or chapped lips, use petroleum jelly to help those areas stay hydrated and healthier. It also soothes irritation. If you are dealing with this, you can try petroleum jelly.

Applying petroleum jelly to your lashes will help moisturize them and make them look fuller. Your skin is unlikely to react badly to it, although you should see your doctor if you have any existing eye problems.

Applying petroleum jelly to your lashes will help them look healthier and more luscious, making them look fuller. It will also reduce the chances of your lashes falling out due to dryness or brittleness. For best effect, use petroleum jelly after removing makeup. Vaseline also stacks well with other skincare products, so you don't have to change your skincare routine to use it. You can also use petroleum jelly instead of mascara as it gives them a fresh and dewy look. If you plan to use mascara, you can also use petroleum jelly as a base to make it last longer.

How to use petroleum jelly for eyelashes?

Before applying, wipe your hands to ensure they are clean and you are not transferring bacteria to your face and eye area. Trapping bacteria near the eye area is a problem with using petroleum jelly on lashes. To avoid this, make sure your face and hands are clean.

Then clean your eyelids and make sure your lashes are free of mascara or soap. It is best to apply Vaseline with a cotton swab since you are working with a small area. Apply the petroleum jelly to the cotton swab and apply the product to the upper and lower lash line. You don't need much, so you don't have to add more product.

Then you want to use the other side of the cotton swab and apply some petroleum jelly to your lashes. Try it while blinking for the best result. If you apply the product at night, gently remove it in the morningMake-up removeror warm water.

Remember that petroleum jelly is thick and can feel heavy. If you think it looks dense, try applying less. If it gets in your eyes, use natural tear drops to flush it out.

Does applying petroleum jelly to eyelashes help them grow?

Applying petroleum jelly to your lashes won't help them grow faster or longer, but it will help keep them hydrated. It can also give the appearance of thicker, shinier lashes, which is helpful for sparse lashes. Vaseline also allows your lashes to grow to their natural length before they fall out. Regular use of mascara can dry out eyelashes and cause them to fall out prematurely.

However, if you want your eyelashes to grow much longer than usual, you will need to use more specialized products. To help lashes grow, try the following:

  • Regular Cleansing: While it may sound simple, making sure you have a cleansing routine can do wonders for your lashes. Keeping them clean and healthy is the first step to helping them grow. If you decide to use petroleum jelly you need to make sure you remove everything as it is a thick substance. It can get into your tear ducts and irritate them if not cleaned properly.
  • Eyelash Serums: Eyelash serums are another popular choice for eyelash growth. There are both prescription and over-the-counter options for eyelash serums. Both products help extend the life of your lashes. Eyelashes have a natural shedding cycle, which means that after they reach a certain length, they fall out naturally. When using a serum, the excretion cycle is lengthened. It makes your eyelashes much longer before they fall out.

If you don't want to wait for your eyelashes to grow out, you can also get eyelash extensions. They are becoming increasingly popular and there are many places where you can get this service. You can customize extensions to suit your needs and style. You can choose to have thick, long lashes or more subtle lashes that add volume to your eyes. If you want longer lashes, set your budget and see if using a serum or lengthener is better for your lifestyle.

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discussion comments


Vaseline on eyelashes is prescribed by many ophthalmologists as a way to cleanse dandruff and relieve eyelid irritation. Apply to lashes and clean with warm water.


I've always used a very light coat of petroleum jelly on my lashes, regardless of mascara. In fact, I prefer using petroleum jelly as a base for my mascara because it allows me to completely remove the mascara. Without using Vaseline first, I have to rub my eyes vigorously with makeup remover to get the mascara off. In the end I have residual mascara for a few days and brittle eyelashes that become stiff due to the residual mascara.


I've been using Vaseline on my lashes every night since I was a teenager and now I'm 43! I have extremely sensitive skin and eczema and have never had a reaction to petroleum jelly.

I use a small amount on my finger and glide this gently onto the lashes and sometimes onto the lids, it has never given me any problems and I have great lashes that have been talked about over the years.


Do not use petroleum jelly as an eye primer/moisturizer!! Vaseline is much less porous than other moisturizers (it doesn't allow the skin to breathe as much). That's why it's such a fast-acting solution for dry lips - it delivers such a concentrated amount of moisture, but when used on the skin, petroleum jelly can cause problems like acne breakouts (due to excess greasy moisture under the skin) and enlarged pores ( The pores have to expand to absorb all the moisture). You can get Stys too! I recommend leaving Vaseline on your lashes!


I've been doing this for two years in a row and have had long, thick lashes ever since. To attempt. Just don't overdo it. Putting a big dab on each lash does more harm than good.

I should add that I never wear mascara. All those chemicals and dirt smothering your lashes and then the process you go through to remove them.

So if you apply heavy layers of black every day, sometimes try petroleum jelly at night if you remember. Chances are, you probably won't be as successful as the person who does this religiously and lets their eyes breathe.


Vaseline was first discovered as a petroleum. It was called rodwax because black goo collected on the rods as the giant cylinders pumped oil out of the ground.

Workers found cuts and burns healed faster when they applied this to their hands and arms every day.

I would really love it if the wax stick made my lashes grow out. They're stocky like a pig's. While pigs are fairly smart, they lack eyesight.


My skin is very sensitive so I should have known better before applying petroleum jelly to my eye area. I thought it would encourage eyelash growth so I gave it a try. Instead of healthy eyelashes, I ended up with unattractive eyelids.

I broke out at the base of my eyelashes. I had small bumps that itched terribly and hurt every time I blinked. I had to see a dermatologist for treatment and even then it took several days for the pain and itching to go away.

I've never been able to wear mascara because of my sensitivity, so I thought Vaseline might be a good alternative. Since then I've learned not to put anything on my lashes.


@OeKc05 - Putting mascara on petroleum jelly didn't work for me. I find it best to use petroleum jelly as a nighttime moisturizer on my lashes since I remove makeup before bed.

However, petroleum jelly can come in handy in the makeup department. I like to mix it with loose powder eyeshadow in a container to make a cream eyeshadow. It's easy to do if you apply it with your fingertip.

Additionally, petroleum jelly can be applied to lips over lipstick for instant shine. It's very moisturizing and lasts for hours before you need to apply more.


I don't understand how you can put eye makeup on petroleum jelly. Wouldn't it slide right over the surface?

I use a powder eyeshadow and I have a feeling that if I tried to smear this onto my eyelids on petroleum jelly it would create a muddy mess that wouldn't stick to anything. Also, it would darken the shadow and make it clumpy.

I don't normally wear mascara, so maybe I'm missing something here. Maybe mascara really can hold petroleum jelly.


@SarahSon - I don't know if other people have had similar experiences, but I haven't had good results using petroleum jelly as an eye makeup base.

I found Vaseline to be messy and difficult to work with. I also found that it didn't seem to make much of a difference in how long my makeup lasted. Not enough to make it worth playing around with anyway.

You also don't want to use this when you're in the water. Your makeup will really run!

I've had better results using concealer under my eye makeup to make it last longer.

As for taking care of my lashes, I've found that if I use a really good lash remover at night, it softens my lashes.

A friend of mine uses some petroleum jelly to remove her eye makeup at night. She says it's great for removing makeup and also leaves her lashes and the area around her eyes soft and smooth.


Has anyone used petroleum jelly as a base for eyeshadow and mascara?

I'm looking for a way to make my makeup last longer throughout the day. It seems that after a few hours most of it is gone. I was hoping something like this would help my eye makeup last all day without touching up at lunchtime.

I know petroleum jelly has been around for a long time so I think it would be safe to use around my eyes. It seems like it's a bit sticky, but maybe that would help the eyeshadow and mascara last longer?


@bagley79 - I've been using Vaseline for soft and nourished lashes for a long time. The easiest way I've found to use it is from tubes. Just make sure it doesn't contain any fragrances.

That's nowhere near as messy as trying to use it in a jar. I just take an old cleaned mascara brush and squeeze some petroleum jelly onto the brush. Then I just apply it like mascara.

If I just want to condition my lashes, I usually apply this at night when I don't have any other product on my face.

In the morning my lashes feel so soft. Excess petroleum jelly can be easily washed off in the shower.

If you want your lashes to look longer and fuller, you can apply it anytime knowing they'll be taken care of at the same time.


I've heard that petroleum jelly is used for many beauty treatments, but I've never heard of using it on eyelashes.

I recently heard on TV that our eyelashes become drier and brittle as we age. If petroleum jelly helps them stay smooth and hydrated, it seems like it makes a lot of sense to use.

Since petroleum jelly doesn't cost much, it would be a cheap thing to try. I've used petroleum jelly before to help with dry, chapped lips.

As long as it didn't irritate my eyes, I could see it working on something like lashes, too.

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